Does God really care about what you do with your money?
Does the Bible even say anything about money management?

The Answers are yes & yes!  If you have a desire to apply God’s Word to your financial life consider working with a Christian Financial Advisor.  There is a difference between a Financial Advisor who is a Christian, and a Christian Financial Advisor.  A Christian Financial Advisor integrates their faith into their professional advice.  A Christian Financial Advisor is one who takes the eternal truths of Scripture and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence, then listens, gives counsel and provides an environment where God can change a life.

The Three Fundamental Questions Everyone is Asking:

  1. How much is enough?
  2. Will I ever have enough?
  3. Will it continue to be enough?

The Three Fundamental Questions Every Christian Should be Asking:

  1. Who owns it?
  2. What are the finish lines? (How much is enough?)
  3. Is the next steward chosen and prepared?

What is Biblical Financial Planning

A Biblical approach to financial decision-making begins with a Biblical worldview and an understanding that God owns it all.  It must be holistic in nature and fully integrated in its application to your life.  God’s Word speaks authoritatively to all financial decisions.
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