Code of Ethics

Kingdom Advisors Code of Ethics
A Certified Kingdom Advisor, recognizing Jesus Christ as their ultimate authority, is committed to upholding high standards of excellence in their professions as they work with their clients, the public, colleagues, employers, and employees. A Certified Kingdom Advisor will seek to espouse and practice the following principles in their practices:

Integrity: A Certified Kingdom Advisor recognizes that personal integrity demands a commitment to absolute honesty, which is never swayed by personal gain or advantage. Integrity is an essential characteristic in members because of the trust placed in them by their clients. Integrity cannot co-exist with deceit or a departure from one’s principles.

Objectivity: A Certified Kingdom Advisor provides honest and impartial advice, services, and products that are always in the best interest of the client without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or potential compensation.

Competence: A Certified Kingdom Advisor is well Certified in skill, knowledge, and ability to sufficiently serve their clients in the fields in which they engage. Competence includes wisdom to recognize limitations and to know when a client referral is necessary. A Certified Kingdom Advisor makes an ongoing commitment to learning and professional improvement in their respective disciplines.

Suitability: A Certified Kingdom Advisor strives to ensure that the advice, products, and services offered to clients are suitable and appropriate given each client’s goals, objectives, and current financial condition.

Full Disclosure: A Certified Kingdom Advisor always makes full disclosure to clients, with respect to compensation being earned and any conflicts of interest that may exist.

Confidentiality: A Certified Kingdom Advisor shall not disclose confidential client information without the specific consent of the client. Confidentiality includes maintaining proper and prudent physical and technological safeguards to protect confidential client information.

Professionalism: A Certified Kingdom Advisor strives to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with a Christian financial professional. A Certified Kingdom Advisor recognizes that as a professing Christian their conduct is a direct reflection on Jesus Christ and they must conduct themselves as a committed believer. The conduct of a Certified Kingdom Advisor is also a reflection of Kingdom Advisors and directly affects the ability of Kingdom Advisors to fulfill its mission and vision.

Accountability: A Certified Kingdom Advisor submits to the authority of the local church and the Kingdom Advisors leadership team. In addition, Certified Kingdom Advisor actively maintains personal and business accountability with an accountability partner and/or a Board of Advisors. Revision: 4/05/16 9 Section II: Ethics and Integrity (continued)

Humility: A Certified Kingdom Advisor maintains a servant spirit as they work with clients rather than a spirit of arrogance or pride. The humility of Certified Kingdom Advisor shall be marked by meekness and modesty in behavior, attitude, and spirit. A Certified Kingdom Advisor recognizes that God is sovereign and the fruit of their labor is a direct result of God rather than their own human efforts. Furthermore, it is a privilege and a blessing to be used of the Lord on this earth.

Generosity: A Certified Kingdom Advisor lives a generous life as a reflection of the generous character of Jesus Christ. A generous life includes generosity with time, talent, and treasure. Furthermore, a Certified Kingdom Advisor must be willing to serve any client, regardless of his/her financial position, either directly, or on a referral basis to another Certified Christian financial professional that can serve in the area of need.

Conflict: A Certified Kingdom Advisor shall subscribe to principles of Matthew 18 and will strive to encourage resolution, reconciliation, and restoration between a client and his/her prior advisor where conflict appears to be at the heart of the separation, even more so when the other advisor is a Christian.