Our Clients

If one or more of the following criteria is true of your financial life, you may find value in working with us:

    • Do you own your own business?
    • Are you an executive at a publicly-traded corporation?
    • Do you have stock options, grants or restricted shares to manage?
    • Do you have more than $500,000 to invest?
    • Are you hoping to retire in the next five years?
    • Have you reached a high level of success in your professional life and are ready to look at making your money count for the Kingdom?

We help you answer questions like:

    • How can I give more to causes I’m passionate about?
    • Will I ever be able to retire?
    • How can I afford college for my children?
    • How can I make sense of my work benefits and 401k?
    • How do I know if I have enough and the right kind of insurance?
    • How can my investments make an impact for the Kingdom?
    • Is the next generation prepared for the inheritance I’ll be leaving?

You will receive a personalized analysis and recommendations for your investments, insurance, estate, and tax plans, retirement income, and claiming strategies for Social Security.  We typically meet twice a year, more if complex employer-sponsored benefit plans or alternative investments, like real property, are part of your mix.  Our recommendations are founded on a Biblical worldview.

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